Border Bros

Bordin Bros Pty Ltd provides the following warranty, applicable to all Bordin Bros Pty Ltd products, and to the maximum extent permitted by law, overrides any other conditions or warranties expressed or implied on any Bordin Bros Pty Ltd products. Other than legislative obligations to the contrary, Bordin Bros Pty Ltd will not be liable for and incidental or consequential damages arising from the ownership or use of a Product. No person, including any reseller, dealer or representative of Bordin Bros Pty Ltd is authorised to make any representation or warranty on behalf of Bordin Bros Pty Ltd, without the express written approval of the Directors of Bordin Bros Pty Ltd. Purchasers to whom these provisions apply agree to hold Bordin Bros Pty Ltd not liable for claims by their customers in excess of the obligations of Bordin Bros Pty Ltd expressly set forth herein.

All products sold by Bordin Bros Pty Ltd are guaranteed to be free from defect in materials workmanship or manufacture for a period of 12 months from the initial date of purchase. Whereby the date of purchase is the date at which the product is purchased from Bordin Bros Pty Ltd.

Any parts or products found by Bordin Bros Pty Ltd to be defective, either in material or workmanship will be replaced or repaired within the warranty period period, at no cost to the initial purchaser if following conditions are met:

  • The item has been operated in accordance with all instructions and warnings provided and regular maintenance has been conducted
  • The Item is still owned and operated by original purchaser – proof of purchase is required to obtain warranty

The 12 month warranty provided by Bordin Bros Pty Ltd, will be void and not applicable, in the following circumstances:

  • If any unauthorised product alterations, modification, attachments or unauthorised repair to the product are conducted.
  • Product failure as a result of neglect, improper operation, lack of maintenance or continued operation after discovery of a defect that leads to further damage to the product.
  • Product failure due to failure to perform regular maintenance services on products, such as, regular lubrication of friction points, including oiling and greasing of pivots as indicated on products and failure to tighten or replace loose or missing bolts, nuts and fittings.
  • Damage or product failure caused by carelessness and recklessness or accidental damage, improper operation of the product and inappropriate storage or transportation of the product.