Kilgra Cattle Crush

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The first model in the medium to heavy-duty range of crushes that is weigh bar compatible.

hd Heavy-duty

The Kilgra is the first in the range of the medium to heavy-duty range of cattle crushes. It is suitable for both smaller to larger applications. It includes operating side split access doors, rear and front operation of the headbail, a full walkthrough Bordin headbail with its simple mechanism operation and no wearing parts, is weigh bar compatible, has the Bordin Bros push/pull headbail mechanism and has a vet section with a lower kick door. This crush is an ecomical item for entry into larger/higher volume usage.

  • Operating side split access gates
  • Weigh Bar compatible
  • Easy Push & Pull headbail mechanism
  • Bayonet Squeeze function

  • 50mm Heavy galvanised frame
  • Bordin Bros full walkthrough headbail
  • Etch Primed & 2 Pack Painted

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What is the difference between our cattle crushes

Usage Galvanised Material Hydraulic Operation Manual Operation Weigh Bar Compatible Double Sided Parallel Squeeze Single Sided Squeeze 2 Pack Painted Zinc Painted Welds XHD 65mm Frame STD 50mm Frame Headbail Type
Hydraulic Winton cattle crush XHD MK3
Winton cattle crush XHD MK2
Bentley cattle crush HD/XHD MK2
Richmond cattle crush HD/XHD MK2
Dyraaba cattle crush HD MK2
Kilgra cattle crush HD Bordin Std BHB
Ettrick cattle crush MW Bordin Std BHB
Teven cattle crush MW Bordin Std BHB
Budget cattle crush MW Bordin Std BHB
Economy cattle crush MW Bordin Std BHB

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