BK45 Yard System

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45 head yard design that safely works 45 head, doesn’t just hold them.

The BK45 yard system is designed to safely work 45 head of cattle. This system can be customised to include any Bordin Bros panel or accessory product to suit the specific needs of your livestock yard system. There is not one simple “one size fits all” solution. The BK45 is designed around a small single holding race system that holds 45 x head of livestock at a time. The standard design includes a headbail, but this can be customised to include one of our cattle crushes. All Bordin Bros yards are designed to safely work the number of head stated – not simply hold them. If this yard system is not quite right – individual customisation is available to change any of our standard yard systems around to suit your specific needs.

  • Cattle crush forms part of standard design
  • Multiple holding pens for drafting and Sorting
  • Quick and easy DIY Setup and install

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