Extension Bar

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Short and long extension bars for attaching gates and panels to the front of your cattle crush.

hd-xhd Heavy-duty to Extra Heavy-duty

Extension bars attach to the front of a crush or headbail when gates or panels are required to be joined in front of the crush or headbail. Short extension bars are suitable for use with a neck bar or when no head restraint mechanism is required, long extension bars are used when a headlock scoop is required. Both come in galvanised construction and are easily installed by bolting onto pre-existing brackets on the front of all Bordin Bros headbails and crushes.

  • Simple and easy to install
  • For use when attaching gates or panels to the front of a headbail or crush
  • Short extension bars for neck bar or no head restraint required
  • Long extension bars for headlock scoop

  • Galvanised product with zinc painted welds

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